I was amazed and surprised to see my reluctance to deal with a major past hurt. Also to see how many areas of my body that past affected, how many places that issue was encoded into the cellular memory. Thank you for helping me with that release. The sounds working into the left knew freed up the area to be receptive to further healing. My knee is much more steady now."

--Ellen Henson
Reiki Master/Teacher

"I knew I had worked cooperatively with a trained and skilled healer, who knew where to go and what to do when she got there. It is my belief that a major reason I remain well is because I have received healing on the causative levels during my sessions with her."

--Barbara Davis

The sound healing I have done with Peggy has released, on a deep level, feelings and emotions that I have held since childhood. I have worked with Peggy during my chemotherapy. I feel with her help we have put the cancer into remission.

--Karen McGee

"Finding the experience profound and moving are inadequate to describe my session. Let me say, that as a professional therapist, you are aware of the organic process of discovery, releasing and the adaption of new patterns. My session was remarkable.

--Michael Stazen
Art Sales, Kapaa, Hawaii

"The first word that comes to mind is "awesome." I have had back problems for many years due to a horseback riding accident. After that first session, my back was completely different and I was able to move in the old ways. I have not felt the dullness and inflexibility."

--Carol Gallagher
Interior Designer

"The sounds themselves were quite amazing. The higher pitched tones were as penetrating as a siren but without the alarming quality. They are really otherworldly and I felt like I was slipping sideways into a different realm of geometrical forms. Whereas the deep tones are very grounding and calming."

--Jules Faye
Writer, Wooley, WA

"Yes, what a delicious treat. A rare blend of healing techniques delivered by a true healer. The session brought insight, relaxation and energy. I have never had a more effective session combining both mental, emotional and physical benefits."

--Rev. Marilyn K. Miller
Somis, California

"Your sacred sound session released feelings of guilt and anxiety plus releasing a feeling of holding onto the spirit of my son Danny who died tragically in 1967. These feelings I held onto for over 30 years. I felt the power go through my body and out the palm of my hands as Danny's voice echoed in my mind, "Release me Daddy." Tears flowed and a new feeling of love and lightness entered my being."

--Lou Piette
Dir. of Marketing,
Community Relations

"Primarily I had a profound sense of wholeness. I reverberated with the sounds. I felt full and complete. The after-effect was a sense of peace and well being."

--Lori Sheets
San Diego, CA

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