Allowing Prosperity

A weaving of information, awareness, simple tools and support that produces awesome results. We explore together in an easy and playful manner.

This successful workshop has been given on a monthly basis around the country. Each workshop allows the participants to explore simple tools which once discovered products awesome results. Recognize and honor your ability to call into existence, bring into being your desires. Learn to apply with certainty, universal laws which allows you to create and attain your goals.

  • The Power of Your Word
  • The Power of Your Intention
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • Tools to Release Resistance
  • Five Steps to Manifesting
Testimonials from participants:
"Since taking your Allowing Prosperity play/workshop, I have noticed a difference in my life. The biggest difference is in how I language my speech and thoughts about money and possibilities. The more careful I am about my thoughts and words about money, prosperity, abundance and possibilities in all arenas, the more my life flows, and the more I am taken care of financially. I open my mail to find a check in the exact amount of a bill that just came in. I no longer worry about making it to the end of each month financially, knowing that I am taken care of. I love the work you do, and know that it is changing my mindset to one of abundance and prosperity. Thank you!!" —Sherry   "I took your class in June and started to read the affirmations out of the booklet you gave us every night. In July I received two large orders for my Flower Essence Business from companies that had not ordered in over six months. I taught my first Flower Essence Class in Northern California with 8 student. Thank you God!! Be careful what you ask for, say your affirmations with intention every day and as they say: Sit Down, Shut Up and HOLD
ON for the Universe hears
our every word. Blessings!"—Maggie
"I wanted to recount a phone call I received from a friend who also attended Allowing Prosperity play/workshop. She assisted a woman, who was terminal ill, to live her last days consciously, spiritually and in ease. She was also a great help to the entire family. At the memorial the family expressed their appreciation for all she had done for their mother as well as the family. She was given a card of gratitude and a check for $1,000.00. —Susana

Sculpting Reality with Sound
The Power of Words, Intentions and Prayers

In this workshop it is my intention to serve and empower others with a clear understanding, a personal experience and awareness that words and sounds are carriers of consciousness. I will provide scientific and ancient knowledge, as well as techniques, that will guide participants to recognizing the potential and power of their own voice, words and intentions. It is with this awareness they will honor their own ability to call into existence, bring into being, their desires and goals. Once we understand the power of our every word, we will begin to use this awareness to transform our life and the world around us. It is with this knowing certainty and consciousness that we truly "Sculpt Our Reality".

  • Participants will have the awareness of how word/sound vibrations affect the physiology of the body.
  • Participants will learn how to use sound, chants and tones to clear emotional blockages and stress.
  • Participants will experience the use of their voice as a vehicle to alter consciousness.
  • They will be aware that words are tangible, living things, vibrations full of energy and impact.
  • They will be conscious to encode word/sound with meaning and intention.

Sound Awareness
Becoming a Conscious Sound Shaper
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This play/workshop will provide each participate with the skills, knowledge and awareness of the beneficial utilization of sound for themselves and others. We will examine the sonic environment in which we live and its affect on our live. We will briefly look at the history of sound through the ages. There will be an overview of scientific data regarding this modality of healing as will as the aspect of intuitive knowing. Learn ways in which you can incorporate sound into your daily life, how sound can release blockages in the body as well as alter consciousness and bring harmony to body, mind, emotions and spirit.

  • SOUND: scientific data, intuitive knowing, visual images
  • SOUND: learn the effect on health and energy fields
  • SOUND: used to release blockages in the body.
  • SOUND: as a vehicle to alter consciousness
  • SOUND: toning and chanting
  • SOUND: discover your personal sound

Sacred Sound Session Training
Becoming a Conscious Sound Shaper
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We know that everything vibrates: the universe is created with sound. Science has now discovered that our very cells emit a sound. In the future we will listen for the sound of dis-ease within the body. This participatory workshop offers the powerful modality of vibrational medicine for those who are interested in using sacred sound in their healing practice. Peggy will assist and support you in learning these simple techniques, these basic steps come from her experiences and guidance during her 30 years of practice. You will acquire the tools to assist your client in discovering, healing and releasing the “keeper” of their suppressed emotional experiences, which have been held in the memory fiber of the body. The results are phenomenal, your assistance and the sounds will stimulate your clients return to the natural integrity, well-being and total renewal of their body.

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