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Peggy Black
Sacred Sound Salutarist*, Spiritual Synergist*
Multi-Dimensional Channel, Transducer, Scribe and Witness

Peggy Black is a creative and recording artist, world traveler and lecturer, with thirty-five years of experience in the healing field. She is featured internationally on television, radio and in the print media. Peggy founded and co-created the International Sound Symposium, 2002 and continues to create global Sound Pods.

Peggy is a Sacred Sound Salutarist, Spiritual Synergist, Multidimensional Channel, Transducer, Scribe and Witness who is guided by the presence and partnership with her Hathors, the support of angelic realms and essence of Kuan Yin.

Peggy's life-long commitment to metaphysics, both as a student and a teacher, has empowered her gifts as a clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient intuitive. She blends these qualities with her skills, experiences, intentions and her extensive knowledge of Vibrational Sacred Sounds, Intuitive Guided Partnerships to touch and heal the deepest areas. In private sessions or channeled transmissions of guidance, she uses these gifts, her voice and her clear connection with her "Team' to support and assist clients in their own healing, transformation and expansion.

She weaves her multidimensional abilities, skills and expertise assisting others to live an empowered, rich and abundant life. She offers services that support an individual's full expression of who they are. She is a Focus Manager and Intuitive Counselor; Conscious Communication and Language Coach; a Master Space Organizer. She lectures, presents, and facilitates workshops on "Inner Alchemy," Miracles, Intentions and Manifestations," "The Creative You", "Allowing Prosperity", "Sound Awareness", and "Sculpting Reality with Sound: The Power of Words, Intentions, and Prayers."
A Spiritual Synergist, ceremonialist, minister and high priestess, Peggy creates soulful rituals to celebrate the sacred: weddings, memorials and other services. Sacred sites in Arabia, England, Ireland, Egypt, Japan and St. Lucia are just a few of the blessed places around the world where she has conducted ceremonies for transformation and healing using the power of sound, the power of pray full intentions and the holiness of water. She is the Seneschal for the 'Waters of the World" fountain in the courtyard of the Goddess in the Garden of the Beloved. (Water which has been gathered, collected, sent from all over the world seeds this fountain with the vibrations and healing energy of its source.)

Peggy is also the Seneschal for the Labyrinth in the Garden of the Beloved, a sacred space that dwells in a graceful wooded setting at her home in California. This labyrinth is available by appointment for individual or group walks and special occasions.

She is passionate about sharing the resurgence of sound vibrations as a healing modality and a method of creating reality and a tool for wholeness and healing. Vibrational healing uses powerful clear core sounds to release the body's blocked energies. The process is one of the oldest forms of medicine. The vibrations permeate at the deepest cellular levels, quickening the release of emotional and physical stresses. Layers of tightness melt, pain is dispelled at its core. The results are phenomenal, as the harmonic vibrations stimulate the body's return to its natural integrity a deep, soothing relaxation enhances health, well-being, and total, energized renewal. Each sound session is conducted in a comfortable safe space. Peggy gently guides each individual to discover the source of "dis-ease". She is the medium for the harmonic vibrational energy, generating tones through her voice which dissipate blockages to allow resurgence of the life force.

Peggy founded and continues to support and assist in the creation global community "Sound Pods" that empower and facilitate others to tone, chant and freely play with sound. These gatherings support a personal discovery of the power of sound vibrations on the physiology of body and mind. Consciously intended sounds can relieve stress, clear blockages; elevate awareness-promoting wholeness and healing. She believes "When people are comfortable expressing sounds and tones, they will also be comfortable expressing their truth. The conscious and intentional use of sound is our birthright and our source of power."

Peggy's CD "Moon Eclipsed by Sound" creates a profound sound portal that will alter your consciousness and open doorways into inner realms.

NEW spoken word 2CD set “We Are Here” Transmissions, the Morning Messages.

*  A Clairsentient is one who is able to intuitively sense, feel, and identify emotions and blocked energies
    A Spiritual Synergist is someone who-unifies, integrates, weaves and blends diverse beliefs.
    Transducer a speaker or amplifier that receives energy from one system and retransmits it, in a different from into another

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